Tearin’ Up That Takoyaki

People change, we lose sense of ourselves, the days go by and they’re full of emptiness . . . nothing much happened today because Kou-san felt sick, is what it boils down to. A bit much with the opener? I agree, but I’m trying to keep it interesting here so what can I say. So I woke up after a nice sleep-in only to learn that I had no plans, prompting me to take it easy today. Had 5 pizza-bagel things for brunch, plus green curry and rice, plus onigiriyaki, which is shoyu-fried onigiri. That’s literally it. Needless to say i was stuffed and sluggy for most of the day. I ended up talking with okaa-san well into the afternoon, we honestly just kept going for 3 hours of non-stop chatting about I can’t even remember what until I looked at the clock and we were both like ‘oh man!’. Oh, one thing I do remember was that she was playing the PPAP remix again – she swears it’s just because it’s catchy, but I like to think otherwise. Cut to her snoozing and me screwing around on the internet. Oh, and Miao-chan checking out okaa-san’s hot cocoa (I guarded mine well).


For dinner tonight we had takoyaki, and not only did we eat it, we freakin’ made it! On the very table we sit at every day! Can you say magic and/or witchcraft?! I’m not gonna call myself a pro at making/flipping the takoyaki, but I am pretty boss at it now and confident that I could make my own if I do someday buy the necessary contraption. Both okaa-san and otou-san encouraged me to get one, but unless one comes in half the size no way in hell is that happening. Far too large to even try sending home, unfortunately. But anyways, I helped make them, ate them and burned my mouth every time much to otou-san’s entertainment, and promptly felt like I was about to explode. Super good relaxation Sunday over here.


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