Jidai Matsuri: A Blast From The Past

PPAP. By this point most people know what this is, but for those who don’t say it with me: pen pineapple apple pen. It’s a famous YouTube video from a Tokyo-born comedian that came out maybe a few weeks ago and has since blown up on the internet in Japan and America, at the very least. This morning okaa-san showed it to me asking if I knew what it was, and I had one of those ‘what has the world come to’ moments. Lizzie made me watch it in Hiroshima 2 weeks ago, and yesterday sensei asked us about it fully prepared to show it if no one knew about it. Alas, it’s reached everyone and that was just a weird start to my day.

I went to Jidai Matsuri today, which is also known as the ‘Festival of the Ages’. It basically takes you back through time to see the different dress and lifestyles of Japanese society through the years. Starting at the Meiji period (1603 – 1868) and ending way back at the Heian period (794-1185), this festival displayed people clothes, fancy stuffs, how ritzily they traveled and even some traditional music. It was really interesting to see the up and down swinging trend of elaborate vs simple clothes, either for the women or everyone. There were even fancy palanquins for some of the fancy ladies of Heian jidai, who had their own music and were in gorgeous robes and makeup. A lot of photos were taken.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the parade, Lydia and I stopped at the school cafe to recharge for a bit before heading downtown onto Kawaramachi. There we stopped at a chill food place where you buy a (specific) meal ticket from a machine, then shit down and a woman collects your ticket/gets your food out to you in maybe 5 minutes? And these were full meals – I had chicken katsuebi tempura and miso and rice for less than ~10. I’m normally against chains but I swear, most of my American food/hygeine doubts don’t apply here and it’s fantastic. After that we hit up Uniqlo, Loft and Flying Tiger, aka I’m slowly sharing my hot spots from okaa-san weekend trips. Lydia loved them all, so it was cool to share these rad stores.

Afterwards I came home to some of the usual okaa-san antics, featuring: Why is my son so lazy? Why is otou-san so stinky and a fussy eater? Why do old people always smell? So many hilarious things I can only ever laugh at. I also got a whole lotta love from Miao-chan, which was great. Supposed to go temple/park-touring tomorrow with Kou-san, so that’s my likely excitement for tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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