Just A Little Jishin

Earthquake today, uwahhh! Fret not, friends – it was nothing major at all. But while Lizzie, Takato-san and I were sitting in the cafe at school all of a sudden everything started slow-mo swaying. The tables and lamps wobbled a bit, and my body was lightly swaying by some unidentified force. Then everyone looked at each other and it hit us, the fact that this was an earthquake. Now if you’ve lived in Japan for a while this probably wouldn’t phase you, but for me and Lizzie the earthquake was a first. We’d taken part in a simulation at the Bousai Center, but when we talked about it afterwards today we both had that moment where logically, we processed it as an earthquake, but overall were trying to place this strange sensation. It was really low-key, just like the start of our simulation, but actually feeling one is such a unique experience. I don’t want one again nor do I wish anything bad by it, but I would be interested in experiencing it again in real life. Fun moment.

After that Lizzie & I went to the Toji Flea Market (every month on the 21st this goes down), where they were simultaneously selling and packing up a lot of stuff. We saw beautiful hand-carved wooden stamps, cool cat wood signs, adorable neko statues in every size and pose, just to name a few. Sad thing was that despite it being open until 5, supposedly, a lot of people had already packed or were packing up. Guess I’m not wasting my money? I did get a ‘lil something-something for someone, so that was nice. After that brief but fun journey we headed back to my house on the bus, on the way for Lizzie to meet Miao-chan!!

Tonight went beautifully. Miao-chan was a bit moody but still sweet and full of kisses; Lizzie got at least one. We ordered a huge thing of sushi that made me happy and had chocolate cake for dessert. Chiro-chan has some self-rolling Chinese dog toy that entertained both her and us for more than 10 minutes straight. Cat pics on both sides were exchanged and Lizzie finally got to see the joy of okaa-san and otou-san interacting. What a fun day!


p.s. you can check out Lizzie’s blog here!

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    lizabeth glade the earth quake wasn’t too bad don ‘t wish for another one the shrimp look good on the plate I’ll have a few love grandma


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