Alumnae & Appetizers

I woke up early yet again in attempts to skype a friend, and maybe it’s the wifi, or perhaps the universe just wants to laugh at us, but for the love of god we can’t get it together thus far. Maybe tomorrow morning, alas, I can’t take anymore sleepy days.

Today was an interesting day in that Smith alumnae were in the area on some event/trip thing and came to Doshisha for dinner. Hubbard-sensei organized it such that we 4 Smith students on program came to Kanbaikan to meet and talk with these alums while enjoying a free dinner, which, not gonna lie, was my main motivation. It ended up being a bunch of app platters for food, which didn’t satisfy my stomach as much, but it was a nice event. There were alums from every decade starting at the ’50s all the way up to the ’10s, which was wild to think about. I met three Elizabeths all under different names (Betty, Beth, Elizabeth) and it’s funny how prominent my name always is. All in all good food, good connections established and it was interesting to see the different kinds of women who’ve come out of Smith over the years.

After the dinner Lizzie, Steph, Ana & I talked to this ’98 grad about her life and it turns out that every other week she holds a homemade food event at her house and dang man, I want to go to there. Once she left there were a few women, slightly older than us (up to 4 years from school), who are currently teaching english as Doshisha. There were some fun stories dropped, such as when one (middle school) student confessed her love for the sensei, despite her being her teacher and a lady (yes-homo Kyoto?) . Very strange, but also something I’d like to experience even if just once!

That’s about it, a rather boring day and not much in the picture department. ‘Til tomorrow, oyasuminasai.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth poppy says your a food hound but he said you look great in the all your pictures Elizabeth is a great name you were named after your great grandma Nagy not my favorite person but your father loved her love grandma


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