Classy At Kanbaikan

My days here are extremely relaxed compared to those at uni in the states, and yet here I always feel pressed for time. Maybe it’s because I put work on the back burner in favor of bonding with okaa-san; maybe it’s the ever-looming time crunch that tells me to go out and do it all, even after a long day of classes, to make sure I don’t leave with regrets. Maybe I’m secretly a sloth inside and just can’t get my shit together. Truth is I’ll never know, but at the very least it wouldn’t hurt me to sleep more. This particular notion has been on my mind for a week now as I continue to unintentionally deprive myself of precious snoozle time, and todays early wake-up for irrelevant reasons really hit it home.

After zombie-ing through morning classes I went to the grad school dining hall with Lizzie and Steph, and dang was it lit. I thought it was literally an across-the-street version of where I always go, but no. This had a set menu with a ticket machine, a fancy sliding counter where you get your food, fancy overhead lights, snazz plants and jesus quotes running across the wall as the pattern. Weirdly classy place, right? The bar table was even marble, I mean I felt some serious swank in there. Nice job, Doshisha. They also had plastic dinosaurs in some of their plants which I thought was fun; a brontosaurus in a potted plant, a t-rex climbing the wall outside. Likely some others that I missed. I liked it 🙂

Are they bananas? Waffles cones? Something else? (on the board at Kanbaikan)

Today in joint seminar we all split into project groups based on 4 topics (families, teen rebellion, gender and history – textbooks or politics) to determine what we’ll be presenting on at the end of semester. I’m in the history group, and we started as a group of 7 that broke down into 2 sub-groups. Not-my group will be comparing Japanese and American political systems, which’ll be really nice to learn about since I’m rather confused about what the hell this country has and does for its leaders. Not to say that America isn’t way screwy with all of its crap, but at least I was raised with that crap. My group will be comparing textbook presentations of the bombing on Pearl Harbor (not me) and the A-bomb (yes me!), which is exciting! I don’t advocate for the bomb at all, but through my work on Fukushima and intrigue in radiation thus backtracking to WWII, the bomb and the hibakusha, I’m always eager to have an excuse to look more deeply into this overall topic. Very interested to see the portrayal of these events straight from a Japanese textbook.

I went to okaa-san’s eigo lesson again today, where I got some quality impressions of the States. A doctor man okaa-san’s been talking about finally came to the lesson, which he missed last week because he was traveling to America! He hit up Hawai‘i and Atlanta, GA, and said that this time (he’s been before with lesser experiences) he really loved the food and enjoyed himself. Yay country pride. Everyone also gave me pretty good fall break suggestions, as I’m still in the process of figuring out where the hell I’m going with Steph and Lizzie (ahhh, time is closing in!). They came up with a bunch of places that I need to research, but if any readers have suggestions of cool places, preferably with: nature, town access for shopping/not being in ho-dunk nowhere, and historical stuff like castles of otera please do share! I’m still good for suggestions anytime before October 23-ish, as my break is the second week of November. Thanks folks 🙂

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  1. Dan says:

    Nara, Kamakura, and Takayama are all places worth visiting


  2. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth I think those funny looking cones are really men from outer space with pink ties just think when I was growing up in grammar school we would have to hide under our desks to be safe if a bomb would be dropped on us good thing it didn’t happen so much for everyone being safe love grandma


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