So Soft At Sisam

Today still hurt so good, but not as bad as yesterday which was a plus. I still had to slow-motion rise from my slumber, crab side-step up the stairs and am incapable of painlessly running though, so that’s um . . . fun. All I can think is that if I was ever going to get mugged (so not an invite, universe) now is the time, since it’s the only instance where the perp wouldn’t get their ass beaten. Just random things that go through my head. Anyways.

Today I had pizza toast for breakfast again, and I don’t know why she did it but okaa-san gave me a pizza cutter for it? Like, I can and have just picked it up and eaten it before without an issue, but today was special? I don’t know why but when she came out of the kitchen with this grand (and unneccessary) solution to the problem (I didn’t know I had) I just cracked up. I couldn’t explain it to myself, nevermind to them in Japanese, so poor okaa-san and otou-san just stood there questioningly as I looked at the pizza cutter bemused. I used it, and it was fine, but why???

School happened, I got through everything and felt like exploring. So I went to one of okaa-san’s favorite shop’s, Sisam Fair Trade, this pricey but hip conscientious store with everything from beeswax lip balm in a wooden tube to spicy Indian curry to kalimbas to the some of the softest pants I’ve ever felt. It was a pretty cool place, and the shop keeper was so sweet! She explained a few of the products to me, was super nice about ‘oh please, try these on! they were made by . . . in  . . .’ type of stuff, and saw me out the door with a business card. Highly recommend – if you can read Japanese check out their website!

Now I’m home, and after some awesome sashimi okaa-san and I are enjoying my favorite show, Q-Sama!!! I’ve been waiting for this program for a gosh dang month, and alas it’s finally back. I’m in love with two of the guys on show because they have the best facial expressions and are just adorable: カズレーザ(right) と なんぶ桜澤山 (left) in the left side pic. Oh, and the rockin’ hair is a plus!  The right is a freaking fanart of them and I can’t take how adorable it is. If you love yourself or anything in this world and can access it then dear god watch this show. It’s on D6 and it’s the best thing ever.


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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth still hurting, with all the walking in Hawaii you should be in better shape I bet okaa-San wasn’t hurting!! Wasn’t she nice pizza for breakfast. Try some aspercream love grandma


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