It Hurts So Good

I woke up a lot today. 9 am? Too early. 10 am? Nah, still got time. 10:30 am? Fine, time to drag this bum outta bed. And I do mean drag, because after the joys of hiking yesterday everything hurt. Mainly my knees and upper thighs, but when those are everything pulling you up and you have hella stairs to climb for food, the bathroom and other essentials? It becomes a drag-tastic struggle bus. In the end I slow-stepped it up to brunch, where okaa-san was surprised that I’d woken so early. Adorable, as always. We had hiyashi-chuka for lunch, and my never-ending chopstick/noodle struggled returned in full-swing. Good stuff.

The supposed adventure of the day was the flea market at Shimogamo Jinja, however when we went it was a bit of a small and sad sight. So instead I suggested going for koori, only to have okaa-san let me down easy and reveal that it’s out of season. Yup, one of my favorite things is gone because it’s no longer summer. I felt my heart break in that moment, no joke. *moment of silence* What we ended up doing was getting ourselves matcha floats at Second House Cake Works, which were excellent. For dessert we also picked up crème brûlée for me and cake slices for okaa-san and otou-san. Plus a pit-stop to Seven-Eleven to pick up other dessert goodies that I expressed interest in – bless okaa-san.

Waiting in line at the register we heard a big commotion outside, shortly followed by a parade of uniformed men carrying a small jinja float. What? I ran outside with my camera and snapped a pic, and went back inside for okaa-san to tell me that today was Tanaka-jinja Matsuri, or a festival for the local shrine. We’d heard kids outside the window earlier, and it was for this same thing. A community event that happens annually, men in the neighborhood dress in the outfits you see and carry this portable jinja around the area. Pretty loud and fun-sounding!


Then we came back home to homework and chilling, a yummy tonkatsu dinner and a bunch of hilarious tv shows, including a new favorite Sekai no Hate Made Itte Q (世界の果てまでイッテQ)which is a hilarious variety show where comedians/famous people just travel around the world doing a bunch of stupid stuff. We were all cracking up and it was great. Alas, now I’m writing this as I prepare for a tired day tomorrow, mostly because of my sore joints. In the meantime feel free to check back on Yake Dake Yama and Thoughts on Kyoto: Part 3, both of which have been fully updated!


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