If Three’s A Crowd Then What The Heck Is Doshisha?

Test in the morning, chilling in the noon, what an ordinary day over here. The excitement, if you can call it that, came around noontime. Met up with Seiko-san for lunch today, which was spectacular! I haven’t seen her for a few weeks, so it was nice to catch up. We met outside of the cafeteria in hopes that it’d be less crowded, which was true. However, Lizzie and I went in to get hot food and jesus hopping mother of flute noodles was it insanity. I know that my program got me to Doshisha early, and that I’ve been enjoying the relative peace and emptiness of pre-semester everything, but hot diggity if today wasn’t a literal mess of people. I mean normally I stand in front of the menu board for a few minutes (despite the fact that once Monday hits it’s set for the week), lazily grab a tray and wait all of 2 seconds in a line. Today? Forget that

There were literal rope lines, like the kind at movie theatres or amusement parks, marking the human herd depending on which food you were going for, i.e. udon, donburi, chicken plates, etcetera. This dunce nugget got into and stood in the wrong line for a few minutes before realizing her mistake, only to nearly do it again once I moved. Christ man. Then I had to wait in another butt-long line to pay, with only one register that took cash out of the 6+ lines they had. What the helllll. Finally I got out of there, only to nearly crash into a handful of various students shuffling at me in the crowd. I’m not claustrophobic or anything but I’ll be damned if I have to get food in that mess of a situation again. Nosiree, it’ll be the conbini for me. Yeah, that was heart-racing and stressful. But then I got to chill with Seiko-san and all was good 🙂 Seriously though, so many students!

After lunch Lizzie and I went to the Learning Commons to go and study/hang only to find that guess what – it too was swarmed with students everywhere! Nothing anywhere in the commons, no space in the cafes (multiple) downstairs, none of the random hallway tables were open. As I said, I know we got a false preview of campus but jesus I don’t get where all of these people are coming from. Doshisha is insane! I probably especially feel it coming from a 2,600 people liberal arts school, but I just can’t do this. How do people function with all these other people up on them? Liz will never know.

Came home to enjoy ice cream, then a Chinese-style dish for dinner. Okaa-san was worried that I wouldn’t like it, so they made me a whole plate of gyoza too. I swear, they’re trying to fatten me up or something, I’m always given too much food and they just laugh and act surprised when I can’t finish it. Okaa-san told me again how she always thought that Americans eat a lot, and I told her how I always thought that Japanese people ate a little – wrong-o for both of us. Also a fun thing okaa-san did today: she asked me if I liked whatever we were eating, I told her yeah. So she looks over her shoulder to make sure that otou-san, who made it, is still in the kitchen before stage-whispering that she thought it was ‘so-so’ and ‘not tasty’. I mean jesus, there’s no door to the kitchen and he’s standing maybe 10 feet away as she’s shout-whispering it. I just can’t take how ridiculous these two are sometimes, absolutely fantastic. Here’s a fun few shots of the kit-cats today, they were lounging around in otou-san’s room and staircase today and being super cute doing it.

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