Snoozin’ In The Sun, Rising With The (Sailor) Moon

There was a slew of elderly people perched around campus today with easels, painting various scenes of Doshisha. I snuck a peek at one guy’s this morning then again when I left the same building hours later; it was coming along nicely. Besides the man I creeped on there were probably at least 10 others just on my walk to class, which seems like a really nice idea. Power to you, oldies. Sorry for the poop shot, I didn’t want to be too awkward snapping their photo 😉


Here’s a fun shot of Lizzie & Steph co-adventuring in some fantasy game, their narration of which made my lunch break super entertaining.


After my classes wrapped for the day, I returned home and promptly snoozled on the couch for 4 hours ’til dinner. The sun was blazing, so that was a letdown after a nice crisp morning (I dream of the day Kyoto hits fall for real) but I managed. At some points I stirred to hear Miao-chan’s heavy sniff-breathing near my head, which okaa-san told me later was miss cutey cat investigating to make sure that I wasn’t dead. When I did wake up there was an adorable cat blanket draped over me. They’re too nice jesus take the wheel.

We had this popular soup concoction for dinner that’s apparently a fave of sumo peeps, so that was cool. I had maybe 3 helpings and afterwards they added ramen, which was too much for me. Their response? The usual ‘Liz, you truly have such a small stomach!’. I mean jesus how much food am I supposed to be able to take? Uwahhh! Dessert’s special though – I have a betsu bara (separate dessert stomach) for that, so it was okay.

During dinner today we watched a lot of fun programs, including some mountain climbing show following a yama booi, the male equivalent of yama gaaru (okaa-san said she doesn’t like them because they’re never cute), a quiz show that is *not* Q-Sama (it’s been weeks, what the hell!) but is called Nepuriigu (ネプリーグ) and has a fun 4d style ride thing going down as the game plays out, plus a cat show. Oh, and the feature pic of this post? Sailor Moon!!! We turned on the tv just as it was ending, so no real watching, but it was awesome to see a split-second of my childhood on tv in its original Japanese. Made me fuzzy, plus okaa-san and otou-san were surprised that it was on American tv. They questioned about my watching it, and without subtitles? Whoa? Yeah, they missed out on the part where BSSM and Dragonball swept up ’90s American youth, cause all that jazz was hip-hop-happenin’ every Sunday morning, ’round 8 am in english. Fun cultural exchanges always go down over tv stuff, so I love it when good programs are on 🙂

Sailor Mercury & Mars, ending of ep in the Dead Moon Circus arc


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  1. Yes! I am so ready for fall to hit Kyoto, I feel that. This late summer nonsense can go already.


    1. lizhatesfizz says:

      Agreed. Today was a nice step in the direction of cool beautiful leaf time 🍁


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