Flower Power

What do you get out of random baskets/bamboo blocks, grass stalks and floofy flowers? Lovely arrangements, that’s what. Okaa-san and I had a flower-arrangement class, or maybe session, with okaa-san’s usual flower sensei. I didn’t know what to expect going in, but it ended up being just us doing not-ikebana, which is traditional Japanese flower-arranging. We each had a bucket of various plants as well as our own, very different instruction sheets with a sketch of what we’d be trying to create. I had a very simple-nouveau feely piece while okaa-san’s was a warm, homey swirl basket. Both were cool and required a lot of help from flower-sensei, haha. She said she’d post these on her homepage, so if I get the website I’ll link it soon! Alas, here it is.

Afterwards we all enjoyed tea, the german roll cakes and blueberry/lingonberry milk chocolate from Sweden (the former courtesy of one of okaa-san’s many friends) for about a half hour before packing up. In that time, flower-sensei admired my long legs (because I’m American she said – I mean, I’ll take it), my bleached hair, and the fact that American ladies in general are go-getters. She’s also in okaa-san’s English class and has great pronunciation from what I heard! It was a blast, and then I got to come back home and relax. We took more pics together, variations of me, okaa-san and flower-sensei, but my computer is a butt right now so those will come soon. ‘Til then!


Side note: earlier posts still in progress 🙂

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