Hey Ho Himeji-jo

A cozy bus ride, straight into a typhoon, hours upon hours of sitting – field trips are always grand. Today all of AKP headed off for a 3-day field trip to Himeji, Hiroshima and Miyajima with the intention of sightseeing and respecting our wartime atrocities as US countrymen. Holla. It started off at Himeji-jo, a famous castle from the Edo Period (17th century start). It was a beautiful white castle shaped like a heron (shirosagi) that my class had read about in the Tobira textbook, so that was kinda cool. This place had stairs out the clang-a-lang and dear god was it a lot of exercise and everyone managing fears of heights. Very worth it though, with beautiful stone construction and architecture, as well as stunning window views throughout the castle. Definitely a place I’d recommend for a trip in-area, or to those who are in Japan for a bit of an extended stay.

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After the castle Steph, Lizzie, Lydia and I headed over to a cute little cafe for drinks and snacks. I got a matcha set with mame wagashi, which was really good and a nice break before the long bus ride kicked off! Then we were on the road again ’til about 6:30, when we were deposited at the hotel for our room assignments and dinner. I snagged a place with Lizzie and Steph, so we dumped our stuff and headed a few blocks down for an okonomiyaki and beyond place. Really great atmosphere and good food, plus the outside was so adorable/welcoming!

Afterwards we hit up a conbini, where everyone got snacks, Lizzie and Steph bought mystery character tickets to end up winning towels and I got 12 mini cream puffs for $2. So far Hiroshima isn’t making me fall in love, but the puffs were a good step in. We’ll see what’s up in the daytime tomorrow.


Note: tomorrow I will be at a ryokan and may not have wifi. If so, check back on Friday. Oyasuminasai!

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth we just got through getting the house ready for the hurricane our house is so locked up with the shutters it’s like being in a tomb it will be on us all night with up to 100 mile an hour winds wish us luck love grandma


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