Got A Lotta Gakusee

Doshisha is a lovely campus; pretty trees, a lot of benches, more than a fair bit of greenery for something in the middle of a city . . . or so I thought. Today I walked out of class at noon to find all grass patches covered with the bodies of students (gakusee); where have all the green things gone? Super full and super disorienting, especially compared to Smith. We have a measly 2,600 students to their what, 12,000? 20,000? Everyone kept giving me guesses so I finally checked myself and guess what – they have 30,000 students. What the flip dang flanglin’ fladoodle?! That is way too many people, I don’t get this university thing! I think I’m in for a ride this semester from that alone.

Today my joint seminar class got its act together with the start of Japan’s semester, so we finally got to meet the Doshisha students we’ll be working with. We all went around the room for introductions and dang if it wasn’t one of the cutest things ever! A lot of people explaining how their English is bad (it wasn’t!), their asking for our help and patience with learning the language, a lot of ‘if you like this I like this, so please come find me’ and ‘let’s do -X- together thank you’ it was fantastic. There were definitely sweeter and funnier ones too, but I’m blanking right now. Oh well. They were all really nice and fun and I’m eager to start actually having class with them.

After I got home I had a bit of chill time before I headed off with okaa-san to her weekly English class! It’s led by a woman named Kathy, an ~25 year old Chinese-American from Cali who’s here with the JET Program. She seemed really nice and was happy to have me join in. There was only one other woman there today, but normally there’s a handful of others so I’d like to go back next week and see what that’s all about. It was a cute ‘lil set-up with everyone in a cozy room, just seated around a table and talking about their week while sipping tea. Interesting to see language learning from the other side, ya know? Definitely a new experience!

Something to note: the next few days I’m on field trip to Hiroshima area, so posting may not be possible. If so, I’ll upload the missing days when I return. Well then, ’til next time!


Side observation: on the way home I had to buy pads and do you know how much they were? Just over $2 for about 40. It’s fantastic!!! What the hell are we doing America?!

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