School In Session

October is here, the fall has come, leaves are crisp and blazing . . . oh wait, that’s New England. Take two: October is here, it’s still hot as hell, typhoons are kicking ass and all public transport is crowded now that the entirety of Japan is back at school. Sounds grand, eh? This morning I was entertained for the whole of my short bus ride just watching the hordes of umbrella-wielding students mobbing the sidewalks. It’s about to get busy up in here. The bus was fine this morning, but subway people got slammed – I wait for my time to come nervously.

That being said, Doshisha looks and feels more like a college campus now with student swarming about everywhere; it’s terrifying but also really nice and familiar? As long as everyone doesn’t crowd up my bus I’m good, plus that wonderful possibility of new friends. Wahoo! Today I saw a band set up outside of our building for lunch, but they had to call it off due to the rain. Too bad, I was curious . . . although I probably wouldn’t have been able to watch with the movie AKP put on this afternoon. It was a hibakusha (a-bomb survivor) film about a young woman, mid-twenties, and her father dealing with life as survivors. A deep, in-need-of-Wikipedia movie to dampen the day – ya know, I think the rain already covered that. All good though, I’ll take it.

After that movie my minorities class saw another film, ‘Pacchigi‘, about tensions between zainichi Koreans and ethnic Japanese portrayed through students. It’s hard to follow since we’re watching it in Japanese with no subtitles. Trust me, it’s no one’s top viewing preference but it’s all we’ve got, I guess? Our prof wrote us up and english summary for each scene, so that’s convenient, but still a little (lot) disorienting. I will say that it’s interesting so far, although we won’t get to finish it until next week. Keep y’all updated, promise. Nothing much after that, although okaa-san might go on this kickass hike in Nagano-ken, followed by a swank onsen next next weekend? It’s up-in-the-air, but a fun-looking possibility for sure!

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth I guess it’s our turn for bad weather been raining bad all day and we might get the tornado on Thursday love grandma


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