We’ve Got A Way With Words

Tea party with Doshisha students today! We’ve met students randomly through our first visit to our host family’s house, as well as the campus tour, but since school doesn’t start in Japan until next week Doshisha students have been far and few between. Not today, sir. There were about 20 students there for us to mingle with, which was pretty cool! It started off kinda slow, since I was eating lunch at one of the tables and that makes it a little (or super) hard to start up a convo. But once I was done it was all good and I met Takato-san! He’s a super cool and sweet second year at Doshisha studying European lit, and he’s just volunteering to help out with AKP, which I’m so impressed at – everyone here cares, versus in America, where I feel like a program such as this would be mentioned and forgotten in a matter of minutes. Anyways, I jumped in on his talking to Steph, then Lizzie joined and it was a grand ol’ time. Also saw Kou-san again (he’d told me he’d be coming, but still), which was cool – gotta go hiking with him soon. I digress. After the party Lizzie and I felt up to chillin’ together, so with Takato-san as our new insider friend we had him spirit us away.

Stop 1, at the request of ‘a cool fun place, please’ was Daimaru Depaato, an 8-floor beauteous monstrosity full of expensive shit and beautiful stationary, amongst many other things. On one of the floors I saw a fish bowl that I really wanted and didn’t get – I may return. I also tried out what I thought was a hand lotion but was actually a scrub. You know why it matters? Scrubs have salty stuff in them to exfoliate your hands. You have to wash that crap off somewhere. There was a basin of water next to the assortment of products, so I asked Takato-san a few times if it was chill to dip my hands in it, and he said yes, but when I finally did he just cracked up? I kept asking and he was like eh, well not like that, but yes, so what the hell man? I ended up aggressively cleaning off my hands then speed-walking away out of potential shame, with Lizzie and Takato-san trailing after me in peals of laughter. Clown sacks. We also saw a bunch of pretty planners, magazines with real clothes in them, Star Wars fancy stationary and an 8th floor full of mostly plants. Bombin’ stuff yo.

Next up was an arcade (maybe Game Panic? who knows) where we spent a half hour floundering about in the magic. Lizzie and I ended up playing MaiMai, which is this sega arcade game, and at its core it’s a touch-screen rhythm game that goes in beat to various songs. Sounds fine, ya know, hit some buttons, slide some things around, whatever. WRONG. I mean, level 2 was easy-peezy and whatever, but boring. So I amped it up a bit and ended up at level 7 or 9 for the last round. AHHHH. This game is intense and pros bring their own gloves to prevent friction burn from all the screen-slidey stuff you do when you amp up your level. Jesus, it’s horrible but I love it – a need-to-play-again type of suffering. Watch some pros playing it to see what I mean. After that Lizzie and Takato-san played the cube game from last time, which was actually really interesting to observe. Lizzie was much more exaggerated, or lively perhaps, in her button hitting while Takato-san was much more calm and gentler with his boop-dooping. Just a fun observation!


Once everyone had their fill of game madness we headed off for a cafe, settling at a place with a deal on a matcha latte and cake set – praise. We ended up staying there for what I’m pretty sure was 2 hours. Take 2 on teaching English slang (hella, epic, loser, the likes and beyond) and dear god is it so fun! Takato-san just kept pulling up lists of slang with Japanese explanations, and we’d either explain them or skip over the ones we’d already hit. Someone got schooled today, and it wasn’t the kids with classes in session (word). Anyways, that ate away the end of our adventures beautifully before everyone split to head home.

Well, home-ish. I made a pit stop at Goou Jinja to pray for me gramps – surgery today, good luck Poppy! Actually talking to him know, so that’s nice. He’s hilarious as ever, so that’s comforting. Then I got home to a lovely dinner and cuddle session with Miao-chan. Always so nice 🙂

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  1. Dan says:

    What happened to the cat’s left ear? P.S. I now get 50% off at Starbucks


    1. lizhatesfizz says:

      Alas, I could say that Miao-chan has seen some things in her days on the streets, but that’s not the reason for it. Miao-chan was a stray, and when they spay strays here they clip their ear as a ‘gotcha!’ thing. Also stop getting good discounts to things I like when I’m not there – it’s rude unless you can pass it on 😉


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