Back at it at the Manga Museum, what what! Today was a make-up for what we were supposed to do when the typhoon struck last week. We got into the museum around 3 and at 3:30 they had a special kamishibai performance for us plus some other weirdos who wandered in. Kamishibai was basically some really animated funny guy narrating this story titled ‘Mr. Golden Bat’ while he flipped through a block of pictures, like a storybook, in a big frame in front of us. So in essence, a picture book read by a pro and using pictures on big photo boards. Before that he also did a quiz segment with the pictures, such as flashing a quick peek of a page with pandas then covering it and asking how many you saw. My favorite was the ‘ha p’, a p made of of the Japanese character は (ha). Good stuff. Whoever guessed right won a little packet with something like a fake credit card, an audience certification and so on. Fun goods. Afterwords Lizzie, Steph and I stopped in the gift shop that we missed the first time – so worth it! A lot of cute Ghibli tenugui and hand towels  (Liz, go back for these!!) and a lot of Free! merch, so someone I know may be a lucky duck . . .

After that we wandered over to good ol’ Teramachi for yet more wandering through it’s maze of wonder. Found a great Leo mannequin, pictured below. We stopped in 2 manga stores, and damn if I don’t have a lot of new manga to look up and hopefully get into! Very excited about it 🙂 They also had a lot of yaoi plain and clear out, featuring a Hetalia and an SNK section, it was fantastic. Also some Yugio, which I about died at. What was lacking, unfortunately, was yuri but that’s okay – maybe another store. The stores also had so many gatcha machines, I mean wow. They gotta make some serious bank ya know? 

Afterwords we just kept on going aimlessly until we found a reasonably priced place to eat. Bar Luca was, we discovered upon leaving, an international language bar – how cool! They were really well-priced and really yummy, plus our waiter was a cool Australian guy who was a study abroad student himself! His name was Mel, and we think he was a grad student from Australia. Super friendly and inspiring in that another foreign nihongo learner was working in a Japanese restaurant! You go Mel.

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