Cool Cat Kou

Going up, on a Tuesday. Nothing much happening here, but today saw a bit of an uplift. Through my どんどん話す (don don hanasu), or rapid speaking class, I met this nifty guy named Kou-san. He mentioned during our group convo that he’d done a summer leadership program in Hawai’i for two weeks, so of course I freaked out a bit and stopped him after class to talk to him about it. He was in a dorm at UH Manoa during 2 weeks while I was there – another one of those wow! moments I love. I asked if he was free to grab lunch and fortunately, he was, so yay potential new Japanese friend!

Lizzie and I both ended up having lunch with Kou-san, and we pretty much beat dead the basics; favorite bands, where you want to travel, whatcha do in your free time, school stuff, all that jazz. He’s a bio major studying at another Doshisha campus, which is a bit far but hopefully on days that he comes for the 話す class we can hang out again. He does like hiking, and he lives close enough that hopefully we can go scale a mountain together, partially cause he’s a chill guy and partially cause I don’t wanna be knocking okaa-san out with all of this running around. We ended up all chilling in the library together until Lizzie and I had class, and we may see him again at a tea party AKP is hosting this Friday. I’m excited! He seems like a cool cat.

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