A Depaato Day

JLPT practice test today, dear god why. I’m testing N3, and although we just had the listening part it kicked my ass. It’s more the structure of the test than my language skills, but it still kicked off a smokin’ start to my day – not. Basically the test plus my tired-ness was a weird mix and then we had a special Kansai-ben class, which is the dialect of the Kansai region and some crazy shit. ‘What is structure, what is logic?’ she wondered into the breeze, only to be answered with maniacal laughter. Thanks, Kansai-ben.

The fun continued at lunchtime, when I got my money back from the cashier and promptly dropped it all over my food. Built up with the other events of the day, I just couldn’t stop laughing about it. Unfortunately I think the cashier thought I was laughing at him, so I just swirled away in shame towards the tea. Then Lizzie, behind me in line, also was suffering from a laughing fit. So this poor guy probably felt like a super ass when really, it was just me. He even went so far as to cup his hand under Lizzie’s after he gave her the change, ensuring that my disastatastrophe wouldn’t repeat itself. Way to go Liz! OTL

After class I felt pretty tired, but I said screw it and headed down to Kawaramachi-Sanjo for some shopping. I hit up Loft first, a デパート(depaato, or department store) that okaa-san and I had briefly visited but I wanted to really waste time in. They had these adorable animal-shaped notecards, which I promptly bought for my kanji renshuu (cries). Also a bunch of cute/weird/fantastic cards that I wanted just for me, and I guess also other people. Basically their stationary game is on-point as heck and I could easily give these people all my money, but I refrained. For today.

Here are some of the cards, A++ in my opinion. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS FREAKY EGG THING.

And here’s a fun Halloween section in the store, which is really gaining popularity here and I dunno why but cool beans for y’all? I was digging the horse dude for sure. Department stores are just crazy loaded here and have everything you’d ever ned in your life, so check ’em for sure. This was just one store too, the whole complex had waaay more going on.

Other notes of the day? I went to the Danish store Flying Tiger that okaa-san had raved about, which was indeed super-duper and I wanna go back soon. I also stopped by a great ol’ crystal store on a whim, and ended up finding myself a nifty, apparently pretty rare Japanese stone called nakauriite, as well as a sphere of labradorite. I love labradorite (got a ring of it) so I was super hyped to see it at the store for pretty cheap, and they even had an egg of it; I might have to go back. That’s all for now folks, thanks for reading!

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