I’ve Got That Jinja Jive

I know life gets hectic, but before you get caught up in the crazy, stop and smell the flowers. If you’re really too busy, then don’t worry about it – Miao-chan’s got you covered.

After the long hike we did yesterday, okaa-san and I played it chill today and just hung out until after lunchtime. Then we got a bit active and bussed our butts over to Kitano Tenmangu Jinja, which was hosting a flea market today. I have to say, I liked the handcraft market near my house better, but it was still a nice commotion. They did have a lot of cheap kimonoyukatahaori and more, so I may go back to get myself one? I’m trying to define my line between what feels appropriative and what’s all good, but okaa-san seemed pretty for the idea so who knows.

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I did end up buying myself and Danielle these little boodly-doops though, which are like weeble-wobbles ‘cept they’re super handcraft-y and adorable.

A kappa, a lovely lil’ lady and a boar.

Once we’d walked through most of the market okaa-san had another shrine in mind, so we walked for maybe 5 minutes and voila! In front of us was Hirano Jinja, which was doped up on sakura and had so many pretty omamori featuring the cherry blossoms. I might try to go back there at some point just because of them. There was also a nice sideline of branch jinja dedicated to the arts, including music, art, plays, dancing and one more that I can’t remember. It was relatively quiet and I can only imagine how lovely it’ll be in the spring.

After that we decided that we could hit up one more shrine, so we went to an uranai (fortune-telling) jinja because it was close and sounded cool. Name to be determined. When we got there it was pretty hoppin’, but still manageable. The shuin they gave was actually just a stamp, versus calligraphy with the stamp as a finishing touch, but I was fine with it. In the meantime we prayed there (3 times in one day, man it was hard to think of something to pray for just the first time!) and okaa-san tried depicting the picture story lining the inside of the jinja. She didn’t get all of it and the tale was weird anyways, but I took pics of my three favorite paintings.

Then I got my book back and we went to head out, only to see a pretty bridge at the entry way where a gaggle of teen girls was clogging it up and taking pics. I asked okaa-san what the bridge was about and even she had a hard time understanding it, but I think it’s supposed to be one of those Ophelia-esque things where you cross and don’t look back, possibly for a good marriage? Honestly I have no idea, but I took a picture and did the classic peace sign in homage to the girls before me. I got okaa-san to do it too 🙂

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth busy weekend you had a great time wonderful pictures okaa-san is a very modern woman good for her love grandma


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