Ba De Ya, Say Do You Remember?

Ba de ya, dancin’ in September. Ba de ya, never was a cloudy day – unless you’re in Kyoto, in which case bring on the rain. No cheers for typhoon season. Anyways, I think y’all needa take a minute and appreciate this once-a-year opportunity to jam to Earth, Wind & Fire in as real a way as possible. Seriously, just click and let her play out.

So today I got to meet my kaiwa (conversation) partner and we got on pretty well! Her name is Natsumi-san, and she’s a 4th year studying to go into pharmaceuticals. God everyone here is in their final year and being cool, what the hay man? We ended up spending well over an hour together chatting, and while we aren’t gonna be best buds/don’t have too much in common, it’s enough to keep us going happily. We’re supposed to meet with our kaiwa partner once a week, so I think I’m seeing Natsumi-san next Friday. Woo hoo!

After that long stretch of fun confusion I had a bit of a break before class, which turned out to be us visiting Yanagihara Ginko (bank), also known as a modern uber-mini-museum of Burakumin history/artifacts(?). Super tiny and we couldn’t read much of anything in there, but we were indeed there, so huzzah.

Once the field trip came to its end – which it did abruptly when it started to rain more heavily – we headed home and man do I have news. Once I left the rail station I made it home, not only by myself, but without getting lost once. It sounds whack but look, as a dunce cap who is consistently floundering about to the wrong place every freakin’ time, I felt accomplished. Baby steps Liz, baby steps. I digress.

Tonight was full of music-sharing, in which I learned that okaa-san is super into these radical 50s-60s American hits, those happy jivin’ tunes of her youth, and a load of the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. I mean I heard it before, but today she discovered youtube so it was a frenzy of this stuff. I love it. Oh, and here’s what remained of my dinner – okaa-san said she would’ve never fed this to me of her own accord, but since I pointed it out in the grocery store only to ask (which she of course took as a burning desire to try it) – lil fish heads. You eat ’em bone and all since the bones are tiny and a good source of calcium. Eyyy.


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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth keep your mouth shut and don’t point to things in the store by the way did they taste good!!! Tell okaa-San to try Johnny cash love grandma


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