Typhoon 16

Typhoon today, which I could say was kind of scary, but no school so woo hoo? It’s been fine as far as I’m aware, so I have no shame in saying that. I woke up at 6:30 to check if there was class, learned there wasn’t, enjoyed some fics then headed back to bed ’til 10. So lovely. Then I clambered upstairs to a lazy breakfast with okaa-san and some homework. When 12 hit she looked outside and said that she was going to go to the gym – what the hell woman, there’s a typhoon? I guess it was okay since she went anyways and wasn’t the only one there. She’s so amazing, I mean aspirations right here. Then once she got back she decided it was time to go shopping (again, does the word typhoon mean nothing here?!) so off we went.

Well, first we got takoyaki, which sent me to heaven and back. Hell yeah. Then it was back to the same grocery store I went to my first real night with them, only this time I took pictures of some of the notable stuff and asked a lot more questions about everything. Only problem was that when I asked about something okaa-san thought I wanted it, and since I asked about a lot of crap there was a lot of “no, I’m sure I don’t want to try that fuzzy-looking sack of fish eggs, at least not this time” and convincing her not to stick it in the cart anyways. Hint: it didn’t always work. Oh, and what started our shopping trip? They bought me 5L of fruit juice. I don’t know if they think I go wonk for this stuff but I’ll take it, both because it’s delicious and entertainment point 1 (see below).


I was mainly super entertained by two things.
1. Every time okaa-san either asked otou-san about something or questioned putting something in the cart, he just got this ‘I’m done’ look on his face. You know the one. I mean honestly, a lot of the times she gets super excited about something and asks him for his input he gets that look, but in the grocery store I just couldn’t take it. Especially because after that he’d just start chuckling with this bemused mix of ‘are you shitting me’ and ‘jesus what’s next’ vibe and it kept cracking me up. That’s our form of communication, me and otou-san: he keeps up the look and I burst out laughing. Today it just happened a lot.
2. Otou-san and okaa-san do not maneuver well together. As in the number of times okaa-san walked into the cart he was steering, head-on, was ridiculous. As was the number of times he straight-up veered into her. I’m chuckling sitting here thinking about it now. It felt like a tv comedy thing, because it wasn’t major or intentional, just this hilarious bouncing of these two off of each other every few minutes when you thought that they’d gotten on the same wavelength. But ya know, I think it’s just how they groove together, and it’s this funny teeter-totter relationship that never flares into anything but keeps this weird, tidal push-and-pull balance. I honestly love watching them interact day-to-day.

Okay, veering elsewhere now. You know the shell ammonite? Well, okaa-san had another one of her cute moments today. Miao-chan was curled into a little ball on the couch, as cats do, she she went over and started meow-ing at and kissing her. Then she cupped her into a little oval and started muttering something at her, then turned to me and said “nyanmonite”. Um, what? She told me that when Miao-chan is curled up into her little ball, as cats do, she calls it ‘nyanmonite’, and when Chiro-chan does it she calls it ‘wanmonite, since Japanese cat and dog noises are nyan and wan respectively. Too. Cute.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth glade you made it through the typhoon the store looks pretty good liked the little ducky the plate of meatballs looks like teeth on it I hope it tasted good love grandma


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