Gates Closed – Go Away!

A day off from classes? I think not! Despite today being the Respect for the Aged Day and a national holiday, we still have class hours to kill so to class we went. Or tried – all gates but 1 were closed, so it took a bit more maneuvering than usual to get to class. But I digress. It was a low-key day, although we ended nihongo a bit early to do some on-campus disaster prep. This entailed learning disaster/emergency vocab and finding out where our safety evacuation place is. Turns out we head over to Gosho if anything bad happens, which is just across the street and pretty convenient. From there we were free and by free I mean forced to scrounge for food (the cafeterias were closed due to holiday), so Lizzie, Steph and I walked over a whole block in hopes of finding something to eat. Of course, the holiday affects businesses as well, which we didn’t factor in. So there was more walking than we planned, but it was okay when we found a bakery. I had this cute lil’ asparagus pizza lump filled with egg salad(?) plus a pork/cabbage sandwich, both of which I’d eat again. Too bad I don’t know where the hell we went. Oh, check this worm at the palace though – he was trying to pick up a pebble, I think!


After round 2 of classes I was wiped, so I passed out on the couch for 2 hours. Okaa-san was worried I was messed up or something, but it was just my being tired. I woke up to the sound of some hip-hop-happening tunes, such as Spending All My Time by Perfume, which is basic but pretty catchy and had a cool performance video. Turns out we were tuned into the Music Station Ultra Fest, which ran through so many modern hits (plus some oldies, but I think it’s focused on showcasing top pop) it was just a whirlwind of cool Japanese music. That was honestly the most exciting part of the day, as I’m not studying for a Japanese test tomorrow. Oyasuminasai!

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth it was so nice to see you this morning made my day. I hope that cat is friendly he has very big teeth!! Love grandma


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