The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Was not so itsy-bitsy and let itself into the goddamn house uninvited. This was a yesterday issue that commenced last night, which is why it’s leading today’s post. I was brushing my teeth last night when I went to put my face wash in the shower room and lo and behold, this ridiculous lump of legs was there in it’s ~10 cm glory. Shudder. I, like a reasonable person, freaked silently so as not to disturb the lovely folks above me and quietly shut the door to lock it in there. Then I bolted.

Of course, as all good stories go, it wasn’t there in the morning, bloody bugger. I went upstairs at 7 instead of 7:30, making okaa-san panic since she probably thought I wanted breakfast early or something. Instead I ended up timidly and embarrassedly telling her that there was a huge spider I locked in the shower and I didn’t know what to do next. So she called for otou-san, who of course had just taken Chiro-chan out for a walk. We gave each other an ‘oh shit’ look.

She wound up grabbing an uchiwa and bravely opened the door, which is when we saw that the spider had indeed vanished. Fushigi na kumo, ne? A definitely spur on my morning paranoia. Then, of course Miao-chan, who is normally restricted to upstairs only, had quietly followed us and announced her presence with one of her typical loud meows, scaring a bejesus outta me and a jump out of okaa-san. God was this morning a jumbled mess. That was all of the excitement though (praise), after that nothing was too exciting except for how long it took me to shower – spider paranoia – and 3 hours straight of Japanese. Survivor right here.

After class we had a lovely break at the library for me to do homework and yearn for sleep. See Lizzie enjoying our study spot in the header pic. After classes were finally done I saw the fun sight of another Japanese wedding (following the 2 at Shimogamo) on the Kamogawa Bridge. Awkward shot, but that’s kinda been my thing all summer, right? Wedding pic creeper, fall semester: commence. Anyways, that’s really about all I did today. For now, oyasuminasai.

Creeper wedding pic from the bus, eyyy

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth keep some kind of container handy in the shower so you can zap him the next time you see him maybe he’s some kind good luck charm love grandma


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