Tada! It’s Tatami.

Alas, the final day of orientation and the first night with our host family has come. Commence the suspense! We had to check out this morning, so after dropping my bags with the kindly hotel staff I was semi-officially done with the hotel and halfway into my host family’s house. Met up with Lizzie and Steph for breakfast, and we ended up at this cute little cafe called Cha no Mon (they had one of these in Hawai‘i! I never went to that one though). It was absolutely adorable, the food was great, bombin’ service and the lovely waitress was super impressed by our nihongo – quality morning. I had curry rice with a salad and milk tea, while Steph and Lizzie both had the toast and salad breakfast combo. Need to go back there for sure.

Orientation started next, wherein we learned about our Japanese classes this semester. There’s 2 hours in the morning of straight-up Japanese, an elective class once a week, an hour a week with a Doshisha student, Japanese-only on Doshisha camps and all the time we have with our host family. Practice damn well better make perfect; at the very least it’ll make me cry, so let’s bring it on nihongo!

We toured the campus after some more orientation, so it was nice to see where the hay everything is, what it does, where we can study and the lovely and vast array of food options, both in food and location variety. Someone light me on fire because *I cannot believe this*! After a looong tour around campus we returned to and chilled at the hotel for a couple hours before meeting our host families. Then it was time!

So I only absolutely entirely adore my family! They’re extremely nice, sweet, interesting, excited as hay and just super awesome! Plus they have a dog and 2 cats, so if I somehow hadn’t been in love already I would’ve been soon! Okaa-san is what I’m calling my host mother, in real life and online, just so we all know. So anyways, okaa-san is super into trekking/hiking, and she’s been to buttloads of countries to do it, including Chili, Oahu,HI, Wellington, New Zealand and wayyy more that I’m just forgetting. So, I definitely loved my mom at first word. I’m at their house now after the welcome party, which had a bunch of oishii food and speeches galore from Hubbard-sensei (Smith represent!), some fancy people working at Doshisha and randos. Anyways, their place is small and cute-patoot! I’m in a tatami room with a futon bed next to the house altar and I can have the dog in here. Life goals all done, stop me now. I AM SO HYPED! I’m also exhausted and about to crash, so for now I bid ye adieu.

Me introducing myself and host family at the dinner

***NOTE: pics up tomorrow (hopefully), they’re on my phone and for some reason that isn’t picking up the wifi.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth I’m so glade you already love your new mother just hope you will understand everything they say in japaniness love grandma


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