Getting Oriented

Ready, set . . . orientation! Day one of seeing our new campus, learning what the heck anything was, meeting the new senseis and chillin’ with our fellow students. There are a lot of people in the program, maybe 30 or so? We all met our seat mates and introduced them in Japanese (eh, the rust comes out), then heard a bunch of ‘welcome, expect this, do this, etcetera’ type stuff. It was a nice relaxed day, not too much going on and a bunch of friendly faces I look forward to getting to know 🙂

Once orientation ended around 3, Lizzie, Steph, new acquaintance Artemis and I headed back to the hotel where we took a hot minute to ourselves. Then we headed out to Teramachi, a rad couple of streets that are open air but with an overhead, chock full of shops, food places, arcades and fun. Here’s just some of the stuff we saw  there:

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We also went to a cool temple called Rojanzi-ji, which is where the father of  Lady Mmurasaki Shikibu (author of the world’s first novel The Tale of Genji) was buried. Very prominent and empty; it definitely had a heavy air about it.


After the cemetery excursion ran its course we headed to an arcade, the one where Lizzie had won her slime the other day. It took a few (or more) tries but Steph finally got her Moogle creature; it just fell down after a bunch of tries as she was fishin in her purse for more yen! Sugoi! Then it was closing time but we needed to get back anyways due to the late hour, so we did. Lizzie came back to the room for a bit to fix up some of the formatting on her own travel blog, the Green Mountain Gaijin – go check it out! A long day, yeah, but a super fun one.

Oh, and here’s this kickass fish coin purse I got. Look at it, it’s so cool!!!!!!! He opens his mouth to protect my yen :3


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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth looks like things are going well for you just remember if you spend too much yen your coin purse will bite your fingers love grandma


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