Manga & MOS Burger

I’m here. Where I was finally meant to be. My purpose is complete. I finally made it to Kyoto. A few calls in the morning, a fair pinch of confusion and super kindly desk people, I managed to learn about an easy route to my hotel in Kyoto, aka 1 shuttle and 1 rail. After my lovely Japanese breakfast, which consisted of, upper left to bottom right: boiled egg, pickled cucumber, pineapple, tofu, shiitake, natto, lotus root, okra and some yummy fish, paired with rice and miso soup. Yummmm!


Anyways, travels commenced and I found myself on a nice and easy bus over, which gave me a fun view of Osaka, the city I’ve yet to really see. A lot of close buildings, pachinko parlors and advertisements in Roman characters. Cool shizz. Then I was at the subway, where there were only frickin stairs both at my starting and ending stations, so I had to lug my big-ass 50 lb suitcase up a few flights each way. Thanks for being there for me, elevators or escalators. Once I got out of there I took, you guessed it, the wrong turn out of the subway and made my walk to the hotel probably triple what it had to be. Ughh, subway maps why. At least I was able to check in right away and dump my baggage, which was a relief. Plus no roommate yet, still, at 10:30ish, so solo place thus far.

As soon as I got to the hotel I was treated to some texts from Lizzie and Steph, so I met up with them at the International Manga Museum! Well, a bit earlier – gaijin reunion in the streets yo, what up. Then we headed over there for 3 hours, where they have manga collections for most of the widely-spoken languages (German, Korean, French, English, etcetera) that you can pick from, then go sit around in their various outside spaces and rooms full of beanbags chairs and wooden floor. I read one weird manga about The Cat-Eyed Boy, and a few volumes of Yotsuba, which is spastic and cute. Recommended reading, fellow manga fans. We stayed ’til closing, plus I got a pic with their mascot and new promo board-lady, so that was fun!

Dinner followed due to our ravenous stomachs, and we ended up at the beautiful Japanese burger chain, MOS Burger. I got a chicken burger and a lovely vanilla/mango/cereal crunch shake, and it was just cool to be there! It was one of the first things we heard about in Japanese day one or two; I honestly remember learning about it back in freshman year. Surreal. Here’s me, Lizzie and Steph at MOS Burger, which you can’t tell but I know so whatever.


Went to the grocery store afterwards to pick up a matcha latte and matcha/azuki/mochi parfait, so we all headed back to the hotel to eat it and chillax. I’m sitting in the room now with Lizzie catching up and watching youtube videos, which is a nice way to end the day and prep for orientation tomorrow. Til the excitement then!


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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth glade you made it safe and sound just think all that lugging 50lb suit case you just lost. 5lbs I see your goining to eat more interesting food poppy and I are on the ship in coco Kay and no bad weather yet love grandma


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