What’s Rockin’ In Osaka

First day in Japan, kind of?! I was just flying around for most (20  hours) of the day, so my pit stops in Toronto, Tokyo and now Osaka all don’t count in my book. But I’m technically here, so whatever! The travel was all dandy, I made it through obviously. One mishap already went down when I didn’t know to get my work permit at immigration, so my stunted Japanese had to get me through a conversation about it with the gate man. He was super helpful though, and we kind of figured it out so I don’t feel totally horrid with my Japanese abilities!

Once I fiiinally made it to KIX I learned I had to take the rail, which was another joyride for me to figure out. Luckily I just got a smartphone (witchcraft, I swear) so I made it to my hotel easy peasy. Just chilling in the room, checkin’ in with family and friends and all. Tomorrow might be more exciting, if only because I have to travel which might be a connecting hell between busses and the JR. We’ll see! For now, goodnight, or oyasuminasai.

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