Hard Core North Shore

How do you see a bunch of Oahu, try a oodles of stuff you didn’t know you were missing out on and do it all in less than 6 hours? You hang out with Ed and Elaine! God they’re so sweet and cool! They asked what I wanted to do today, and I revealed yet more of my shortcomings; no shave ice on the island, no food truck shrimp, yet to see Pali Lookout – I’m just a hot mess. Alas, my saviors took pity on me and planned an impromptu trip to the North Shore for me to live my unknown dreams. Scoooore!

First stop? Matsumoto Shave Ice in Haleiwa on the North Shore. I built my own 3-flavor ice ball, going with lilikoiyuzu and matcha flavoring plus mochi. I also tried Elaine’s ice, which had pineapple and coconut flavors. Holy granola was it awesome! I haven’t had shave ice in ages (literally, it’s been years) and my expectations were middle of the road. But the flavors and the texture and the overall yum I got? Blew me away. To make the trip even sweeter Ed got me a kick-ass tee from the Matsumoto store with the logo and everything in Japanese! He said he saw it and knew I needed it. He was right, and for that he earned a big ol’ hug. I am *so* going to miss the absolutely incredible, selfless and giving people here, god East Coast why do you come with such low decency expectations? (I still love the East Coast and it totally owns my soul, don’t read that wrong – I just also love easy kindness and that is sooo not our vibe; great job guys.)


We headed on down the road then, slowly away from the North Shore and towards some more exciting things. There’s a popular spot/mini beach you can pull over around to see turtles flailing about, and that’s exactly what we did. We didn’t quite go down to the beach but that was okay, since we got a better view with our roadside elevation. It took maybe 5 minutes, but then we saw all the turtles! Couldn’t exactly get great pics since the little guys (honu in Hawaiian) liked to stick to the water, but I respect that.

Next was a split-second decision. Was I particularly hungry? No. Had I heard about/was intrigued by the famous North Shore shrimp trucks? Yes. Was I okay leaving island without having tried it this visit? Maybe. Ah, what the hell, why not go for it. And so we pulled over to Fumi’s Shrimp Truck for a late noon snack, or my first real meal of the day. I got spicy garlic shrimp, serviced with fluffy rice and a pineapple slice for dessert. Holla, did I make a good decision! If you’re in the area just go for it, this shrimp was delicioso.

A pit stop after that was La‘ie Point, also known as Dragon Point, because it looks like a dragon rising up out of the water. It started raining as soon as we arrived (of course), but I still hopped out for a hot second to snap a shot. Snappy but enjoyable.

Last major stop was Pali Lookout, or at least halfway there before it started to downpour as much as I’ve ever seen on Oahu. I mean, we made it halfway to the lookout. It counts, maybe, right? Oh well, we tried and it was a fun roadtrip. So thankful for Ed and Elaine!


Teddy’s Burgers concluded the night, a classic Johnny Rockets-esque place/standard retro diner that served butt-loads of different burgers and a bunch of flavors of extra thick milkshakes. A Kapiolani Burger and a pineapple-Kona coffee milkshake later left me a very satisfied camper. Came home to the couch, some Olympics (Rio 2016, what what) and a wonderful sense of contentedness. It’s been grand Hawai‘i, and I think we just had a great last night together.


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  1. atmtx says:

    I was just there at Matsumoto’s 2 months ago. I ate at Teddy’s too, love their burgers.


    1. lizhatesfizz says:

      Woah, coincidences! Both are great places and I want to go back. Also? Teddy’s milkshakes = killer.


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