Bow Down To The Blue Hairs

I rolled solo today. How strange! No Isa, no bus, no purpose – I was just dust in the wind. I didn’t get out of the house until after noon just because I got caught up in blog updates and applying for my visa to Japan (paperwork, blah), but once I did it was clear skies in Honolulu. Walked down to the post office to mail out my crap, hit up the Royal Hawaiian, aka The Pink Hotel, next, then off to the Hawaiian Island village for some famous Lappert’s ice cream. I got lilikoi and coffee scoops, which perfectly balanced each other in my humble-and-correct opinion. Melty due solely to the intense heat today, but really tasty.

I went to Kaimanas for the final time, super sniffle, to see Melanie off. I was there earlier than they all planned to meet up, but I had dinner plans and only a short window of overlap. Ended up only seeing her and Doug for about 10 minutes, but it was great to be able to give a real, final goodbye, as well as an in-person postcard, to Melanie. Had to run after that in hopes of catching a bus, only to end up power-walking most of the way to Ed’s since there were magically no buses that hit my route. I did make it though, a stunning >30 minutes later. Alas, the bus only goes so far.

Long trek completed, apartment reached, we headed out to the yacht club shortly after I reunited with Ed and Elaine. We missed watching the sunset at the club, all my fault, but we did get to see the fireworks there, courtesy of one of the hotel’s hosting them weekly at 8. Very lovely! As for the title and the blue hairs? Well, here they were and there were plenty of them, yeesh. One woman had hair poofier than anything; Elaine didn’t believe that it was real. I was kinda with her, but I couldn’t see any wig shaking. She was decked out to the nines, flowy white skirt, snazzy top and moves to groove, woah. She had company too, at least 5 other decked out women past 65, and it was just hilarious. They were all out on the dance floor jammin’ more than most people I know would. Props to you, blue hairs.

To really cap off the night, Elaine was a hoot. Walking back to the building she was saying how her left shoe didn’t feel right, she got to the door holding that thing in hand. It had literally separated from the sole just as we’d gotten home! To make things better, the shoe on her right foot didn’t even match – she’d strolled out in 2 vastly different shoes. Ed is not letting her live this down 🙂

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth boy you had a busy last day hope you have a safe flight and I’ll talk you when you get home I just love reading your blog every day love grandma hope you keep it up in t


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