Bringing It Down At Bevy

Parting is such sweet sorrow, as was wisely said by some old fart – who was that again, Shakespeare? – and it proved to be true today. Our final day in the office saw us presenting on our work, wrapping up loose threads, getting worker evaluations (how nifty!) and saying our goodbyes to the OCM. I totally had damp eyes; no tears, but the threat was real. We got stickers from Elisa, plus her really good chip dip, Mike Pai’s cell number (he’s the cool animator and we have VIP access to his genius, what what), a lot of hugs and a great close out at the office. I love this office :’)

Ed ever-so-kindly took us home, where we intended to pack, clean the apartment and go over to his place for the night. Which would be followed by going to Bevy to see Andrew play and see the crew off. What happened was that we were clowns with too much packing and cleaning to do, so we ended up spending another night at the apartment. Wahoo! I mean, hard stuff to deal with, but wahoo!

As I mentioned just above Andrew had a show tonight at Bevy, along with his friend Cynthia who plays the violin like nobodies business and has an incredible voice. Oh my god, they played/sang “Just The Two Of Us” and it’s officially going to be a constant reminder of Hawaii and even more so, Isa. Such a beautiful tune *wipes away a tear*.

We left the bar around 9:30 after the band, East to West, retired to places unknown for a break. Car ride home with Doug and Melanie awaited, and damn did it feel like a good goodbye to night. We sang “Fika Mai Le Pese” again and we still just know the two main words of the chorus and one English line, keeping it pro. Some “Robin Hood and Lil John”, some “Always Look on the Bright Side” and just a grand final car ride with all of us. Finished packing and passed out after some more just the two of us sing-along – I’ll miss this place.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Where are you love grandma


  2. Patricia nagy says:

    Glade to hear from you again you have a lot of good memories and friends love grandma


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