Time Is Racing Toward Us . . .

. . . til the plane arrives. The days are closing in and it’s terrifying – I love this place so much and I don’t want to leave. Today was the second to last day of work, and wow has 10 weeks gone by like nobodies business! Spent the day just finishing up CCAP, playing bananagrams and working on our final presentation (eep!). But it was tasty Tuesday, so we took a nice lunch at a Thai place (name unknown) organized by Grace! We loaded into Mike Pai’s car, crammed like kids, and drove to lunchtime freedom. Then afterwards I had my first manapua, a baked one with char siu pork. Yum.

Left to right: Leon, Grace, me, Paolo

Ed got us tickets to go see the Arizona Memorial with Doug (super nice, the people here are just too great) after work, so we packed up just after 2 and headed over. I mean, we could’ve swam there from the base, but we probably would’ve been shot at so we settled for driving. Lame. Anyways, we got there right on time and sat down for the pre-tour movie, where Doug promptly broke his chair. Maybe he sat down too hard, maybe it’s Maybelline – the world may never know. Good video though, no blatant bias between the US and Japan so you go Park Service. Then we went out on the boat to the memorial, which is laid perpendicular over the middle of the sunken ship. Very beautiful memorial, somber feeling there and interesting to think over.

There were some informative walk-arounds after the memorial, so we walked around reading all about the attack and it’s buildup. Apparently the radar/watchmen picked up an incoming of the huge fleet of planes, but the military was expecting their own planes in from Cali that day so they held off on defensive prep. Oh what could have changed. Also some interesting facts about technology at the time, very snazzy.


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To finish the day we went to Side Street, a local food hub that’s loved by all. It was a farewell dinner for me & Isa, and everyone came – Doug, Runj, Ed, Elaine, Ross, Andrew, Marie. Melanie ended up at the wrong location (they have two) and couldn’t make it, which was a bummer, but at least I’ll get to see her again! Doug/Ross/Runj and Andrew also gave us farewell presents, prompting me to cry. I can’t handle all this sweetness, god. We got matching Bubbie’s tees (me a green tank, Isa a blue v-neck), bananagrams and beautiful local paintings of iconic Oahu sites – mine was at the beach with a view of Diamond Head. These people are too great.


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