The Final Countdown: Hawai‘i Edition

Today marked the third to last day of this fantastic internship. After a reluctant wake up – as in, I got in and out of bed at least 3 times this morning – I finally got up for real and we caught a later bus to work. We get into work to be greeted by a ‘good job guys’ from Doug, hearkening back to our Friday adventure with office baby. Proud of it.

We finished work early to head to a hair salon for Isa, where the duck not only bartered her way down to a $25 haircut but also ended up getting about half of it paid for. What a deal yo! Afterwards we hopped on home and changed quick for the beach, where we proceeded to spontaneously catch Andrew & Marie as they were leaving. Isa ran while I bussed, & when she got in she thought she’d seen them but waited for me to get there and go check. What a bum. But anyways it was them, and we got to have a nice convo and see them off as we dipped in just after sunset. It was my & Isa’s last time at Kaimana’s, and it was sad but awesome as heck. The water was amazing, beautiful sky, empty beach – couldn’t have asked for more. Until we did.

Leaving the beach at 8:30 we packed up for Maharani, the best Indian place ever and Isa’s favorite. It took a little while to get there, but we finally did at 9:15 and snagged a table as they wound down. 3 curries, naan, saffron rice & a bunch of eggplant pakora later we hit the road for home, also the final walk down the Ala Wai canal. We just passed out afterwards, but it was a super wonderful and satisfying day by the end.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth it’s always tough leaving a place you love but just think you’ll be keeping in touch with a lot of new and great friends love grandma


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