This Sunday Went Swimmingly

Last weekend with the crew all together – a beautifully sad day indeed. Isa and I flew solo the first half of the day, living the dream at a food wonderland. I walked out of the bedroom this morning to Isa’s intriguing promise of, “Liz, I’m going to say something that’ll make you really happy. Here’s what I’m thinking for the day”. An intriguing way to start the morning, no? Are we getting ice cream? Is there an exciting sky diving trip planned? Perhaps skipping down Kuhio to a street show? Another odd option, perhaps better than what I’ve run through? She said , “Liz, I’m up for breaking my vegetarianism for today. I want to go to Buffalo Wild Wings and try some wings in different flavors”. Folks, I kid you not – my heart skipped a beat. I started dancing and probably (definitely) freaked Isa out a bit, but it was an outstanding yes from this wing-crazed loser. It took a few hours after that to get there, but we finally did and it was heaven and we even got cheese curds too and damn was I happy!!

Doug, Runj & Melanie had texted us about meeting at Kaimana’s earlier in the day, so we headed down there around 3 to chill. Didn’t think they’d still be there but we actually walked right into Melanie as we entered the beach, so it was perfect! It was blazing hot, so after picking up a few cookies we dove straight in, basking in the coolness of the ocean and – surprise – group hugs from Doug and Melanie. It felt like such a nice family thing, my heart got tingly (not in a heartburn-y way, whew). It was so lovely 🙂 One hour passed, then another and we finally got out. Some guy went in to swim, so he asked us to watch his dog and tied her up next to us, so exciting!  It was play time with the baby, she kept digging in the sand and I just got to pet a dog and it was just such a good time. Mhmmm, satisfaction in life.

We packed up after the sunset and headed over to Doug’s for pizza and the Olympics – swimming, in particular (do you see the cleverness of my title yet?). One thing that was generally questioned by the end of the night, and that I now want an answer to, is the state of swimmer’s bodies. They’re just as ripped as everyone else in terms of the working out they do, they’re strong beansprouts and crazy impressive, and yet they look soft. Why are they less defined around the shoulders and such? Is their softness for good reason? We have 2 theories – buoyancy is better because of it, or it streamlines them for less resistance in the water. I guess that swimming may also just not tone them like it does other athletes, but we just couldn’t place our fingers on it. Ahh, weekend ponderings. If anyone has a guess I’d love to hear it, but for now I’ll settle with not knowing.


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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth if you want to know about a swimmers body text Jerome because he looks just like the Olympic swimmers!! Glade you had a good weekend love grandma


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