A Day For The Dead

I got to sleep in today, I repeat, I got to sleep in. Today I literally had double the amount of sleep I’ve had all week and I don’t think anyone can understand how fricking amazing that was. Lazy wake up, lazy start, no plans til ’11. Man that’s how I like it. When we did get started it was a Camp Doug day and we had tunnel vision for the dead. It sounds morbid, I know, but it wasn’t really. There are 2 lovely cemeteries with other prominent attractions intertwined, so we went to those. The first was the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, a huge mass of land with a very DC-feel to it as you walked up to the monument. They also had nice balcony-esque clearings that gave a perfect view of the ocean and the city of Honolulu, which was crazy and spectacular both.

Cemetery no. 2 was at the Valley of the Temples, where we specifically walked around at a Buddhist temple called the Byodo-In Temple, modeled after the Byodo-In Temple in Uji, Japan as a small-scale replica. A bon-sho, or sacred bell, greeted you as you walked into the temple area. It was a huge bell, one that could fit at least 6 people in it, made in brass depicting different Buddhist scenes, which was cool. They have such amazing place, architecture, food and everything else here, I only wish I could try half the stuff I wanted to. Sigh.

Our day out ended at a beach just down from Kaimana’s. Griff’s wife, Cindy, was celebrating her birthday with friends and live music so tagged along for the ride. We got to stay for a few hours, nice to talk to Isa about Bolivian citizenship/discrimination, my friends, life in Hawai‘i and more. We called it a night around 6:30 and came home for some bubble tea and ‘O Brother Where Art Thou‘, a highly recommended film (thanks Doug & Melanie) that was pretty good. 8/10 would recommend. Here’s some pics of me and Isa twinning – science is cool! – to end this nicely.


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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth. Glade you finally got some good sleep. Pictures of the temple were great good thing your not a permenent guest at that cementry !! All in all you had a good day love grandma


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