Matcha Ado About Nothing

Final Friday(-ish)! I have another one next week, but this was my last working Friday. No, I’m not sniffling or anything, there’s just something in my eye, like a twig, you know, or a branch (Easy A, anyone?). Work was casual today, in the spirit of Aloha Friday, which meant that Isa & I were mostly glued to our computers for CCAP or Guam fires, or entertaining each other over the cubicles. It was a bananagrams kind of lunch, so we rallied everyone up and got to it. I was sooo close to winning twice, but alas, today was not my day.

Office Baby made a reappearance today, and she came back with a vengeance. Someone had stuffed her into a cup on Doug’s desk, which was already entertaining. Buuuut someone, perhaps le moi, had leftover brownies that needed to serve a purpose. What followed was a team effort by the six of us (Isa & I included) who were actually in-office today, versus the rest who were teleworking or on vacay. Some brownie chunks made their way into the cup, along with water, the baby got itself a newspaper to read and settled down on it’s mug loo. Quite a scene indeed. My only regret is that I won’t be there to see Doug’s face Monday morning – he gets in earlier than us, sadly.


Isa wanted to go check out the shorts at American Eagle after work, so we disembarked at Ala Moana Center and got lost. By that I mean quite literally at first – that place is huge. Then we split up and they had sales and I ended up getting some bombin’ orange fancy pants. Yeah, adulting! I hit up a Lush after that and the staff there was all so friendly that while I didn’t get anything I was so glad that I went! What lovely people, plus I got to walk away as a glittery, lovely-smelling mess. Win-win bros. Finally left after 2 hours of wandering (keep in mind, big mall = many minutes walking round to figure out where the hell you are) and decided to call Kenna while waiting for the bus. Man was it good to hear her voice, love and miss ya Kenna! Same goes for anyone reading this – I miss y’all like crazy and am super appreciative that you’re in my life, care enough to follow my adventures and are your awesome selves.

I stopped at this cute new storefront on the way home, an authentic matcha place with high-grade Kyoto matcha called Maiko. Unf, it was absolutely amazing, as is everything else on this glorious island. I had a hojicha latte float with matcha ice cream, made me feel so light and happy and high on life. The shop was uber cute, service an A+ and just so yummy. And it matched my dress! Score for Liz!

After my exciting day out I got back only to be unable to find my key. Panic mode was threatening but I held it together and got in by waiting for some people to leave the building, totally not shady or anything. After creeping in my purse for 5 minutes I just called Isa to let me in and aggressively shook the shit outta my purse to find the damn keys. Were they there? Yes, slipped inside of the lining thanks to a hole in the purse. Aghhhh, mini-heart attack barely avoided but at least it’s all good now! We ended the night with some good heart-to-heart and one of my all-time fave movies, Stick It. What a damn good movie, and what a damn good day with coworkers, myself, phone friends and an awesome room mate. I so love where I am in life right now 🙂

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth maybe you’ll get to take office baby home it will help to remember your good times and friends in Hawaii. Love grandma


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