Hello to Friends, Hula and My Host Family

What a glorious day. To start with, Isa & I got to work in less than an hour. Then, maybe halfway through the day Grace brought us lemon poppyseed cookies, which is such a genius idea I don’t even know how I’ve survived so far without thinking of them. So, ya know, a generally good first half of the day. Lunchtime came and things were a little less fun, but that was more than made up for on the ride home. We happened to be leaving at the same time as Grace, an awesome-tastic marine science outreach person in our cube set-up, who was so kind as to offer a ride home(-ish)! And so an adventure began.

It started as a simple offer to be driven more than halfway home in half of our usual time, but apparently there was a dessert place Grace had been wanting to try out and we gave her a perfect excuse. 8 Half Desserts, a tiny hole-in-the-wall kind of place, just opened a shop a few months ago despite serving their famous pies since 1998, if I remember correctly. We got 2 slices of ice cream pies, one being mango and vanilla with blueberry freeze-y stuff in the middle, while the other pie was chocolate and haupia with chocolate fudge in the middle. Both were really yummy, I’d never though of a mango-blueberry combo but damn is it worth a try/further exploration. Then we got onto talking about life, work, future dreams (job and living-wise) and just generally getting to know Grace better, which was awesome! She’s too cool for school man, I’m hoping to actually keep in touch with her once I leave cause she seems so fun. Also cool, she plans on trying to make it out to New Zealand when I’ll be there, so hopefully we overlap!

Six struck and it was time to head out before we pumpkin’d it up, so we were graciously dropped off on the Ala Wai to traipse home. Once we got there it was a quick split back out; there was a hula show we wanted to catch and so we did it. I got side-tracked at a random and huge farmer’s market kind of in a mall/shopping plaza in the heart of Waikiki – can you say weird? Anyways it was actually cool and I felt that I owed Isa some basil (funny mishap earlier in the week, ahaha, ha . . .) so I wandered through it only to come out with basil, 2 baked mochi in lilikoi and pumpkin spice flavor, and 2 malasadas in pineapple and strawberry. Not a bad detour if I do say so myself! Oh, and I stumbled across 2 other random performances on my way – really digging the horse head, felt like I was in 2014 again.

So in all of my time away from the show and at food,I made it to the show with 20 minutes left (it was an hour total), so not too bad. I did get to see 2-3 dances, which were beautiful, then all of the tourists got up and went loco. One tall guy was gettin’ so into it with dem hips, looking so happy and banging around, super entertaining to watch.

Last fun detail of the day was that I got a note from my host family in Japan! They have a cat and a dog and they look so cute I was legit jumping up and down squealing for over a minute. Proud moments Liz. I’ll post the pic later (dead camera) but they look AWESOME I am so PUMPED right now! Don’t want to leave Hawai‘i but also can’t wait for Japan!!!

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth poppy liked the way that piece of cake looked how come theirs no picture of you doing the hula? Love grandma


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