Wham Bam Bananagrams

Shaky start today when I left my bus pass in the apartment, but it’s okay because Isa said our first available bus was too full so we ended up riding a later one together. Huzzah for luck! Running back to the building also meant riding the elevator down with a woman’s super adorable dog, so I got to pet that little sweetie pie for a morning pick-me-up.

At work it was a mixed bag. First I went over my main He’eia project with Doug and, bum bum bum n, I’m pretty much done! Exciting right? I’m pleased 🙂 Then I joined in late on Bananagrams for Jason’s last match (he left today, so sad!) and won the first round, accomplished for the day! That’s win two of the internship and I am proud of it, holla for the win. Alas, my joy was dampened when my computer crashed and I lost the whole day’s progress on the Rota topography mapping – I was almost done too. Oh well, it means I’ll be entertained for longer.

Isa and I did a little shopping after work, a bit of mid-week treat yo’self to kick up the day. Took a while to find Ross in Kaka’ako but we did it, and I got a bangin’ dress to prove it. I’m thinking of it as my Kenna dress – it’s muted lime and black zig-zag and I can’t wait to see whatcha think of it Kenna 😉 Another stop after that at Nordstrom Rack, but they were lame-o and too expensive. Isa got a black shirt though (classic), so the trip wasn’t wasted.

We finally made it home around 8, praise the lawd. Soba noodles for dinner and ice cream with mochi and kinako for dessert, mhmmm. We’re watching one of Doug’s über-recommended films, From Here To Eternity, and I have to say that it’s pretty disappointing thus far. I’m trying to take it with a grain of sexism and all but shit this movie is just all over the place. Plus, even though it’s set in Hawaii and that was one of Doug’s selling points, we’ve only been getting place names, not nice scenes at different places. The second half may prove me wrong, but so far this movie gets 2 thumbs down from this clown.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth where are all the pictures you were going to post? And who is the invisible person sitting on the bench? Love grandma


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