Trickster Tuesday

Today was rather low-key, thank god after the long week and crazy Monday I had. Went to work, did work-y things, left. One funny thing that did happen was that I made brownies yesterday, sad ones that I wasn’t super proud of. So today I brought them into work and sneakily dumped them on a plate in the communal kitchen, hoping everyone else would eat them – which they did. However, after Doug went to the gym I guess he stopped by the kitchen, found my brownies and oh so kindly gave one to me and Isa. The second he put it down I almost started cracking up, I just found it hilarious. I mean, no one there found out that they were mine to begin with, but for me to try dumping them only to receive one from my boss later on? Classic. It felt like a bad movie. On the bright side they tasted better today.

The KCC farmer’s market was today so I hit that up after Don Quixote, making it a busy run-around to all of the food stops. At Don Quixote I picked up some takoyaki and hiroshimayaki for dinner, then mango sticky rice at the farmer’s market. Cap that off with some mugicha and Howl’s Moving Castle and it was a pretty good night.

As for the pictures for the past few days (& even today) those will be up tomorrow, promise. I’m just too exhausted to stay up doing it now. Til tomorrow then.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Good morning Elizabeth I guess everyone’s taste buds are different that’s why they liked your brownies! Glad you had a good day call your dad to find out how Bella made out today love grandma


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