Just Another Manic Monday

Soooo little sleep holy snickerdoodles, I was running on empty all day man. Honestly dozing off a bit at my computer (shhhh), it was one of those Mondays. Mainly it’s because we got so little sleep at the campsite, then had to deal with a 9:20 flight and scrambling to find a bus pass in the wee hours of the night, but it’s all good now.

The bus was fun on the way home – read, traffic was shit and we waited an hour for a bus. One that proceeded to break down after 10 minutes. Hip hip hooray, am I right? There was one right behind us on the same route that let us board, but it was just a hassle man. We got to where we wanted around 7:30, which is a ridiculously late return time for 2 people who left for work at 6:15 and started at 7:30 but whatever. Bright side is that Isa and I enjoyed Maharani’s spectacular Indian food while watching Howl’s Moving Castle, which has wrapped the night beautifully. Other occurrence was that I made fudge-y brownies, which seemed exciting until I tried them – blah! Wayyy too much cocoa powder, man, when I try them again I’m halfing the recipe and adding honey for good measure. Pro tips. Anyways, I’m about to pack in form exhaustion, but the day has indeed been a roll.



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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth hope Tuesday is better for you and a little less partying Bella won’t go to the doctor till wednsdaylove grandma


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