Sunday Funday

Blazing heat. That was my wake up call. Ugh, we went to bed with the stunning low of 60ish degrees and woke to over 80. Bad trade-off indeed. The morning went smoothly though, with a quick visit to the park’s lava tube, which was super cool both temperature and interest-wise. Afterwards was a quick stop off to a bakery and sandwich place, name to be determined, where I had a delicious chicken-avocado-mozzarella-pesto-spinach panini plus a lilikoi pastry, yum! The place was Hilo side, so it was awesome to see a different slice of Hawaiian living even just on the Big Island. Very lush, wet and green, all things of which I’m a fan.

Gold Pond came next, which is an anchialine pool with a very rare/specific type of algae that appears gold, hence the name. We intended to just go take a look, but it was too hot out and the water too inviting. No bathing suits, which was uncomfortable later but undergarments do work well. The short hike back to the car was much nicer after that, cool down very necessary.

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Last stop of the day was Kua Bay, a beautiful clear beach with playful waves that are just perfect for a comfortably exciting time. Splashed around for a bit, found out that Naomi did JET for 2 years and talked to her about it for a bit (how exciting!!!) and had some bratwurst. It was a rushed trip to the airport because of how late we were beach bums, but we made it safe and sound! Go team go.

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