Chicken Wing Crawl

Aloha Friday folks, hope y’all had a good one. Today was a day for snorkeling, for which we headed out at 9:30 this fine morning. We headed off to Pu‘uhonua O Honauau, also known as Two Step, which is a big clear bay filled to the brim with various coral and fish. Heck, before we even stepped in the water we saw a mass of yellow tang just crowded about near the surface of the water – I thought they were just fallen leaves, that’s how close and how many there were. I saw a bunch of interesting fish, it was fun to just float and study an area for a while until I saw one that I loved, in which case I’d just follow him around for a while. I’d say we all spent an hour splashing around in there, just so many snazzy fish to see!

We worked up an appetite after that, so lunch followed. We drove to Super J’s for some pork lau lau, a Hawaiian dish I’ve been dying to try since I got here. The taro leaves around it were absolutely amazing, ugh I love that dish. Haupia pie was for dessert, it was so mousse-y, not uber sweet and really yummy! Another excellent food choice. We went to a coffee/cafe next for Isa (needed a veg option) next, so I got an iced honey mocha there that was also prime. It’s my second mocha ever, and while it was pretty dang good I can confidently say that I’ll never become addicted to coffee from it. I’m on a good path friends.

We were supposed to go to Gold Pond for the second half of the day, but alas, we ran out of time. Instead we hit up a few thrift shops for ourselves/to shop around for Aaron’s bday present (one of Doug’s close Samoa buddies on-island), which ended up in me buying a flamin’ dress for myself. Damn is it awesome, turquoise with Hawaiian flowers and turtles, plus some orange highlights – literally a dream dress. And it was only $10, can I get a holla from the back seat? Very pleased with myself.

Home, or should I say our hotel room, followed afterwards and we got a chance to rinse off before heading out to celebrate Aaron’s big day. It was a chicken wing pub crawl that kicked off at Bubba Gump’s, which had very sad chicken wings but excellent drinks. Isa and I split a mango mojito and a lava flow, which were heavenly and tasted like a gummy worm and a strawberry milkshake respectively. We proceeded to hit up Bongo Ben’s, Laverne’s, Outback on the lawn of some other restaurant and finally Paradise, which was far from it’s name.  Quick sum-up: Bubba’s had the best drinks, Laverne’s had the best wings and a music scene and Paradise was a mean land with shitty wings. Below are some pics from the night, not much but something 😉

Isa and I finally headed back home around 9:30, just too much excitement for one night. But it was pretty fun, Naomi (Aaron’s wife) even had a sheet for notes on each locations drinks, rating and general commentary – very clever for in-house stuff as well. Anyways, once we got home it was mainly chilling but I also taught Isa the dance for Gangnam Style, which we proceeded to do 5 times in a row, full song through. Great night with great friends then roomie, going to bed very tired and satisfied.


ALSO: no update tomorrow because I’ll be camping

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth busy morning here Julie and the kids are getting ready to leave 11:15 flight did you do any work today love grandma


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