Walking in Wonderland

Incredible, flawless, spectacular – those are all words that easily describe my day. Melanie flew in to the island last night so we were back to camp Doug today, going full force. We started at Pu‘u Wa‘awa‘a, an incredible lava bulge that leads up to this insanely beautiful scene of the island. The hike was easy, just notably uphill, so we took a bit of time making our way up and pausing for pictures. It was just so quiet up there beyond the bees and the wind, I felt so at peace hiking up there. And once we got to the view it was even better, lovely landscape, lush grass, pretty undisturbed scene – Doug wants to go camping there, & I feel the same (one day). Absolutely breath-taking, and vastly different from what we’d seen of Kona this far. I’ve been to neither, but this place felt very much like Scotland or New Zealand.

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Waimea was our lunch stop, this cute ‘lil town in Northern Kona with a rather Sedona/San Antonio vibe to it. Rather strange but I’ll take it (in fact, I did take it). Quick lunch there before we headed off to some more fun, which was this black sand beach, Pololu Beach, that was uber rad. The sand was black (duh), crazy soft, way fine and a sight to behold. The water was even better; insanely playful, strong, consistent, wild. Once done there, after everyone else bonded on the log while I played around in the ocean for an hour plus.

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We got back late and went right to pauhana and diner following a long day of car trips; There Ed finalized my last days – I’m staying with him and Elaine from Thursday til I leave Monday. Huzzah for plans.


P.S. might add more to this, very fun loaded day but I’m tired


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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Good morning Elizabeth what did you do besides sight seeing yesterday did you ride the horses that were in the pictures were you on the island that had the lava flow it was on the news here love grandma


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