With Love, Lani

Today held my favorite site of everywhere we’ve been so far on the island, which was the Ka’upulehu Interpretation Center. Even though Ross got us there over an hour early (thanks a lot, buddy) we started promptly enough around 9:15, walking some of the Ala Kahakai trail to get to some cliffs on the ocean. The trail, as is the usual on the Big Island, was lined by beautiful hardened lava flows, which is hot but also gorgeous. When we got out to the cliffs, it was just . . . wow. While the water was too high and choppy today to go cliff-jumping, it was still absolutely fantastic. Beautifully clear, stretching out untouched for miles, swirling in and out of the lava plumes playfully, splashing in and up and through the various pockets in the landscape. This location absolutely jumped to my top 5 list of favorite places ever, so it was definitely something to behold. I have videos of the water alone, but WordPress doesn’t let me upload them on the free site so y’all will have to settle for some pics that don’t even convey a fraction of the breath-takingness instead.

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Isa and I enjoyed a grand photoshoot over on one of the cliffs, and once that was over we headed back toward to equipment, Doug, Ross & Danielle. There was a nice opening in the lava rock where the ocean could/did easily flow in and out and in and out of the pocket, creating a fantastic little pool to sit in. Wildly beautiful with a strong push and pull either up and away from or towards to ocean, we all hung out in there for at least a half hour. The current in our little pool was sooo strong, Isa was floating a little further from the rock ledge and was using my ankle as a grounder to keep near the edge! T’was a challenge indeed but a super fun one; I was more than reluctant to leave this place.

Unfortunately we -did- have to leave heaven, so around noon we packed up the receiver, pulled ourselves away from the glory and headed out to a resort to reconvene with our fellow surveyors. Once we had lunch and figured out the plan, Doug, Ross, Danielle, Isa & I headed to a hotel undercover to scope out their beach. Wasn’t the most lovely beach for sure, but it was pretty clear, warm and rather nice for the few hours that we were there.

And alas, our field work has come to an end. We made it back to the hotel, headed to Splasher’s Grill for dinner, then headed out to some shops in the little town here. While most of it was window shopping, Isa & I did find that adorable little shop with some classic Life Is Good tees. She’d never seen them before, so it was kinda fun to rack my memory of those old tags with a brief life story for the company. She was waffling over one shirt, I liked another . . . it lead to both of us deciding to go for it. What the hell. But I thought it’d be cute if we bought the shirts for one another (despite them being the same price and both of us having picked our own), so we did that! Very sweet, I know 😉 Oh, and another night highlight was our getting milkshakes, which we’ve missed dearly. I got a volcano shake, which was a specialty flavor consisting of strawberries, bananas and oreos. Perfect end to a perfect day!

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth boy when I grow up and get a job I want one just like you have in Hawaii!! Sorry I missed your call yesterday we were at a water park but you bonded with poppy love grandma


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