Lords of Leveling

Slightly later start, much longer tasks and a generally pumped day! We had to do some more line leveling today (as we did in Kako’o Oiwi a few weeks ago) at a lovely fish pond here in Kona – name to be determined soon, hopefully. The fish pond here is hundreds of years old and while only 1-3 acres of the original area remains, it used to be 60 acres if I remember correctly! It was even fully functional as recently as 50 years ago before it became a bit overrun by nature, but now it’s up, running and on it’s way back to full action. They’d just finished a major section of wall there that looked impressive, so props to them. What a lovely pond, and it’s cool because even though most fish ponds are normally murky and all, this one was clear as a deer because of an ocean channel that cycles the water. And they have a bunch of turtles, who seemed super chill and plentiful.

Leveling aside, once we finished lunch which had a fresh mango and a really old, toned-down coconut (name?), Doug took Rose, Isa and I out onto the lava field to see great sights and a swim spot. Check ’em out:

Next stop was Lava Lava Beach Club, where we hiked out to anchialine pools to set up a GPS receiver and get to explore. Doug took us to this random solo palm tree, on a trail I’d like to believe is called Lone Palm, where we sat and swam and talked for a bit. The hike there is short but brutal-on-ankles, seeing as it was all crazy loose rock and all. Then we got to this shallow little pool, refreshing, yada yada, and then Doug gave us his snorkel and we were amazed. The pool went from nothing to everything in all of 2 seconds. Just by looking underwater you could see how cavernous and lush and untouched of a habitat these things live in, hella cool.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Good morning Elizabeth I have no idea what leveling is but I guess it must be importment since your getting big bucks to do it pictures were good love grandma


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