Big Island, BAMFin’ Beaches

Field work in Kona today, what what! We all met up in the lobby at 7, then hit up the local foodmart place for lunch. Whiiich Isa & I totally messed up, we just grabbed a bunch of snacks (chips, cheez-its, popcorn) then got in the car, only to have an “oh shit” moment. Needless to say we ran back in and grabbed some sandwiches.

Following our morning food run we all met up at a church on Puako, where at least one of us continued on to do field work. Isa and I split off with Ross to hit up Hapuna Beach, which was amaaaazing! I’ve seen tons of clear water in my time on island, but this has honestly been the clearest thus far. I mean, the waves had no crest/foamy stuff, no hard breaks, nothing but crystal shiny beauty. Simply too gorgeous. Plus, ya know, all the field work stuff of setting up the radar gun. We did it pretty much by ourselves, so feel impressed friends. That’s how leveling gets done.

Second site for the day was Kaloko-Honokoau National Park with Ed, specifically the Alaula Bay by the heiau. There were turtles all over the place! We were within what must’ve been 5 feet of the little guy before the park ranger told us to give him some breathing room. Still the closest I’ll ever be to a turtle, so I’ll take it.

After some cold water swimming solo (too cold for Isa) we dried off, singing all the while, before wandering down the beach to take all dem pictures. Great scene, lighting, and everything, just a fantastic site day all in all.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth boy are you a lucky lucky girl 3 different islands which one is best great pictures of the turtles was that you standing on top of the mountain in the dark love grandma


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