Bellows & Burgers

Beach day today, yayyy! We went to Bellows despite the crappy weather at home and luckily it was a bit nicer over there. Some impromptu rain showers really kicked it off, but other than that it was nice and shady due to some clouds – great for reading. We all started off happily sitting and chilling, but eventually Doug & I headed down to the water. Thanks to the hurricane the waves were even more intense than usual, which was hella fun and different from Kaimanas. I stayed in the water for ~2 hours, according to Isa, so props to self. It didn’t feel that long since it was so fun, but who knows!

Post-beach we hit up Kailua Valley, where there was this place called Nalu Health Bar & Cafe. I got a kale/strawberry/mozzarella/more salad, plus had some of Isa’s taro bubble tea and beyond. Once home we had about an hour to rinse off and get ready for a shindig at Austin’s place. Morgan picked us up, we stopped to buy chips, salsa and brownie mix and headed over. Oh, and both hers & Isa’s phones, which have that lovely thing called GPS, died a minute or two away from his house. Can you say classy?

It was fun once we got there though, spiffy to see all the other interns and have good food. There was grilled asparagus, burgers, chocolate cake, peanut butter brownies. It was just cool to see everyone outside of NOAA, eating and having a good time. Think we stayed til midnight, which is why this post didn’t go up when I got home 😉

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Good afternoon Elizabeth I thought it never rained in Hawaii but you like rain how did you like the picture Jerome sent you of the 3 cups I still use them love grandma


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