The Birthday Boy and A Bananagrams Boss

Work was pretty good today, the office was in chill-time and we started off the day with some good old fashioned “Fika Mai Le Pese” and some Hawaiian Christmas song that, despite being mainlanders, we should know but don’t. Looks like I’ll cut my losses. I was rather restless in-office today, but I just took some scenic strolls to the kitchen so uh, yeah, wanderlust satisfied. Aaaaand, a bit more news – I won at bananagrams for the first time ever! Ross has a pic of my win so no bragging right now, but I will put that on my skill set 😉

After work ended at the IRC we headed to Alejandro’s and had what Ross & Doug say is the best Mexican on-island. Mhmmm, I could take those enchiladas every day. Once we finished our late lunch there we hopped in with Ross to hit Chinatown. We went for a meeting on QGIS first, so we finished that up soon just as a good think to try and learn.

Fun fact – it was Ross’s bday so this all had its game upped. Downside for him is that the QGIS meeting had no food, and in my original reluctance to attend I got him to offer me a pupu platter for myself. Scooore. So the meeting got me food, an info sheet and some heirloom beans.

We walked down to the Mango Jam pre-pauhana and got mango-starfruit-Tahitian vanilla gelato, courtesy of Ross. Really nice flavor compliment, I would do it again. The Pig and the Lady was our food spot post-drinks, which was exciting since Runj has only been raving about that place since we got here. It was pretty frickin’ good, I got the summer shakshuka (very veg heavy) and it was so yummy, plus we got a bday cake for Ross that was a chocolate cherry torte with fennel ice cream – very nice! We had a lovely dinner and Ross had a good time, both of which are checks on the list of things that should happen.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth glad you had a good day hope your not going into the shark water!! Have a good weekend love grandma


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