Freebie at Foster’s

Work was work again, and I’m almost done with my half of CCAP! Big accomplishment, honestly, I’m just hoping to finish my half of the Rota scan before we leave this summer. After work was a bit of low-key hangin, I stopped off in Chinatown to grab myself a Thai tea and ended up with a Hokkaido sweet roll with walnuts, plus a 6-pack of donuts for Melanie, Runj & Doug. After I stocked myself up I sauntered over to the Foster Botanic Gardens for their free twilight summer concert series, where there was a guest band and jazzman Mike Lewis. The impromptu opener was good, very Aussi and hippie vibe stuff; you honestly just felt the vibrations going through you, very sweet & Vibes-esque. I had some nice conversation with Melanie (she’s so cool!) & there were dogs. Can you say good time?


Isa, Morgan Jin-Si & I went to Maharani as a send-off for Jin-Si, since Isa & I won’t get to see her again before she heads home (so sad!). It started as just a fun intern dinner, which hasn’t happened in a while and was more than necessary, but was also a nice farewell to a friend. We all split a great big meal, had some laughs and a lovely end to the night.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth too bad your friend is leaving I sure you’ll keep in touch. The only thing that looked good on the table was the rice but as long as you like it that’s what counts love grandma


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