Shoutout to Shirokiya

Woke up, missed the 13 because it was early and caught the 42 minutes later. Work was off to a great start then, eh? Pretty slow day, although there was more real rain again that made me jump out of my cube and run to the window. The highlight of the day was bananagrams, which I feel like I haven’t played in forever, and which I was super close to winning if it weren’t for Ross! Thanks a lot buddy. Oh, plus free bagels! Always nice. But overall a pretty slow day before 5. After that was a different story though.


We went to Shirokiya after work! Shirokiya is this grandiose department store that was just remodeled and opened June 23rd or so (?), which used to have real store on the bottom level and a food/beer garden on the upper floor. Now it’s this spectacular, huge, with-much-variety place that has so much food, mostly Japanese but we had some burgers, hot dogs and crepes thrown in there, as well as various sweets.

The aforementioned ‘we’ this time was composed of Andrew, Melanie, Doug, Runj & myself, and what was splendid was that everyone got something different, which leads to rad sampling. I had my first ever okonomiyaki, specifically hiroshimayaki, which tasted like heaven and I’m in love and want to try making it! I also had negi-mayo-ponzu takoyaki, which was also a first and also descended from a rainbow or something to bless my stomach. Besides my food the table got ramen, chicken katsuwagyu beef curry (I got to taste a piece and it was amazing!!) and maybe something else. It was so fulfilling and just so nice to be out with friends, which I just love so much here – it’s such a part of my daily/weekly life and that’s so impressively amazing to me. The night ended a bit earlier for Andrew and Runj, who checked out before the rest due to some home things that needed attending to. We, on the other hand, stayed a little longer so as to devour Honu, the green tea turtle puff, who was an excellent end to our meals. Sorry buddy.

I unfortunately had to hit up the laundry room today after getting back, so it’s another uselessly late night. On the bright side I didn’t get locked in or out of anywhere, despite the laundry room closing at midnight and my ass chilling there until half past. My clothes are still damp (curse you, expensive and sub-par dryers) but that’s why we have chairs. ‘Til the next night.


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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth what a food feast your on all the time it’s making me hungry. I have a thought for you to use your hair dryer ( if you have one) to dry your cloths you could a lot of money love grandma


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