Neat Beats at Bevy

I woke up today to the gratingly obnoxious sound of construction. Ahh, city life. There was a day today, you know the one, and it happened. Much ado about nothing, eh? It’s fine though, tonight picked it up and was a good time.

Andrew (pictured left) was playing a show at Bevy tonight, 7:30 specifically, which was exciting! It made me think of the last time I got to see a friend perform (talkin’ bout you Claire) and I definitely miss it. Melanie, Runj, Doug & I headed over there around 6:45 to snag a table, where we had a few cocktails and got to see Andrew before he played. It was fun to see him do his sound check – he was walking around the bar playing to judge the speakers, which was a mixture of amusing and impressive in his passion for it. His band is called Left of Right (if I heard correctly) and once they started it was just good better great as the night progressed. They played a lot of older stuff that I couldn’t name for y’all but definitely recognized, which was neat-o. The band also played a special song for Doug, “‘Lil John and Robinhood”, which I’m sure was lovely.


In the meantime we had an intense convo on dogs, ranging from why you’d want one to everyone’s dream dog to the topic of puppy uber and beyond. Cool shit only, of course. Headed home for 10 and had to make lunch for tomorrow since I only had falafels tonight & big surprise, no leftovers), so I just finished that. Thank Japan for somen, it’s so quick and easy. Anyways, it’s been a long day and I bid y’all adieu. G’night!

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Good afternoon Elizabeth I hope hoped you bragged about Bella and Zoey looked at more pictures and liked the one with your spiked hair and the one on the log at jurrasic park love grandma


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