Big Island, Big Dreams

Monday, oh Monday, how you are a quirky day. Today was pretty mellow, with some hard work on the He’eia project before I met with mister site-expert Ron today. A lot of calls for equipment quotes, a lot of self-taught hard science stuff and and intense ArcMapping. It was definitely stuff I was unfamiliar with, but Doug was rather impressed and so I felt rather proud of myself today 🙂 I mean, after I met with Ron & Kim it looks like I’ll have to revamp a lot of what I did, so that’s a bit of a summer bummer. But at least I like round 1 of my work! Super bonus, there was rain today! Real, real rain; I’ve only been craving it since I left home. Keep in mind, Hawai’i has had, at worst, just drizzles as their main sky water. Thus, super joy.IMG_2234

Since the Big Island trip is coming up this week tonight was dinner at Doug’s, which was home-made and potluck style and all kinds of yummy. Runj made bruschetta, Doug made vegetarian Mexican lasagna, and dessert was made up of: chocolate-coconut pie, cookies, black sesame pudding, matcha & coconut ice cream and fresh pineapple. Mhmmm. There was also wine and some fine conversation, ranging from Doug’s scandalous Republican party affiliation according to his voter registration (despite, he says, his being a raging liberal) to youthful bullying to forbidden words in a whole slew of languages. It was nice to figure out, if only vaguely, what we’ll be doing on the Big Island, so it’s looking like a fun-packed weekend.  After that we devolved into madness as Isa was looking to head home and I overheated like a volcano. Literally dressed in ice packs, with those babies under my feet, all over my legs, neck and chest and more. Runj got a good pic of me in all my cold-mourning sadness, so I’ll have to see if I can get her to send it my way.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth glad you got your wish for rain must be pretty hot there if your using ice cubs it’s been in the 90 here I wish I knew what Your doing at work it’s Greek to me love grandma


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